TIVOLI CLEAN - Ecological Dry Cleaning and Laundry

nosotros At Tivoli Clean we always think of "green" with priority to everything that is ecological, respectful of the environment and positive for our health. Therefore, our laundry dry cleaning is ecological and we work in a state-of-the-art facility, 100% free of waste and products harmful to health and the environment. Our customers are surprised to not perceive odors to chemical products as it happens in other dry cleaners. For dry cleaning we use ecological products that are less abrasive for delicate garments and we give the appropriate treatment to each fabric to lengthen the beauty and useful life taking care of the complements of textiles such as buttons, ornaments, prints, etc. reciclar There are many years of experience and professionalism removing stains and odors to countless items. We wash, dry, iron, bend and take care of all kinds of clothing and household clothes, being all our processes ecological and respectful with the environment. Even so, the quality / price ratio is very advantageous for our customers. In our facilities we have all the necessary machinery to clean all kinds of garments and clothes, but also those household or business objects that you need to clean and that include among its components some delicate fabric or material, or for the cleaning of large household items such as curtains, carpets, blankets, sofa covers and quilts. These objects and household items are very common in our daily work and we are very used to treating them with the greatest care. fachada For tourist companies and apartments, at very reasonable prices, we offer a "high standing" service, treating the spots to the maximum so that your customers are very satisfied. Between all of us we must take better care of our environment and our health, since we live in a world very damaged by the pollution of the environment, especially air and water, caused by industrial processes. The uncontrolled use of aggressive chemical products to the environment, together with the little habit that exists in the majority of the population on recycling and waste disposal, has led to the appearance in people of allergic reactions and intolerances to certain products and foods or diseases. weird Generating awareness about the preservation of the environment is becoming increasingly necessary and urgent, therefore, our advice is that you always go to laundries and ecological dry cleaners.
TIVOLI CLEAN - Dry Cleaning and Laundry
C/. Topacio, 2 local 5 (Tivoli Avenue)
29130 - Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmádena - Málaga)

Phones 951 48 48 02 / 633 42 58 82

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